Representative Clients

Curran, Hollenbeck & Orton practices law for individuals, governmental entities, and a variety of types of businesses, from insurance to health care to manufacturing. Our attorneys are skilled professionals that handle business challenges and opportunities across a wide scope of industries and practice areas.

Government Entities

  • Armenia Township
  • Camp Douglas, Village of
  • Cazenovia, Village of
  • Germantown Township
  • Hustler, Village of
  • Lisbon Township
  • Lyndon Township
  • Necedah, Village of

Banking and Financial

  • Bank of Wisconsin Dells
  • Dells/Delton Bank
  • M&I Bank
  • Necedah Bank
  • Oakdale Credit Union
  • RIA Credit Union
  • Timberwood Bank

School Districts

  • Mauston School District
  • Necedah School District
  • New Lisbon School District
  • Royal School District
  • St. Patrick Elementary School


  • Central Wisconsin Farms, Inc.
  • Cranberry Creek Cranberries, Inc.
  • Dandy Creek Cranberries, LLC
  • JDH Cranberries, LLC
  • Monroe County Ag Society
  • Riley Farms


  • Brunner Manufacturing
  • Meister Log and Lumber
  • Tailor Made Products, Inc.

Restaurant & Hospitality

  • Carlson's Rustic Ridge Restaurant
  • Field's at the Wilderness Restaurant
  • Sarento's at the Wilderness Restaurant

Communications and Technology

  • Community Antenna
  • Lemonweir Valley Telephone Company
  • Magna Publications, Inc.
  • WRJC Radio

Health Care

  • Mile Bluff Clinic

Real Estate

  • Dells Club Condominium
  • B&O Marshlands, LP
  • Numerous realtors

And, most importantly, numerous small businesses and individuals.